Minecraft Study Tips

Study other people’s work

It is a good idea to take inspiration from other people’s work. Always try to explore buildings and mansions created by experts in the game. You cannot copy the work of others, but you can get the motivation from observing the other amazing structures in the game.

Other people’s creations in Minecraft will give you new ideas and motivation to build more unique structures. Most of the famous players share their work in different blogs and forums to receive appreciation from other players. You can follow them in different blogs and social media forums.

Don't repeat yourself

You should not repeat anything while creating in Minecraft. Never use the same color block for different parts of the building, it will look boring and fake. At least change the color of the block while using different parts of the building. Make a habit of changing the block types or color during the game.

Never make buildings with the same design and shape again and again. It will not only look substandard, but also make you fed up with the game. Always try to build a unique structure with different designs, it will keep you motivated to build more.

Exterior and Interior both are important

To build an amazing structure in Minecraft, exterior and interior both are important, and you should put equal effort on both to make them attractive and unique. Obviously, the exterior comes first. Your building should look more alluring from the outside, but the interior of the building is equally relevant. Put equal effort and time to make the interior more engaging.

  • Make sure that the floor and ceiling of the building has an attractive design.
  • Place plenty of torches inside the building.
  • Build doors and windows with different colors.
  • Add furniture in the building, it will be time taking, but will give you great satisfaction.

Be Creative

You cannot build an attractive building or structure, if you don’t use your imagination and creativity. You can try to incorporate the inspiration from different places. You can boost your creativity by reading different literature, watching movies and TV shows. Use your own imagination by putting your mind to work, and come up with an idea that excites you the most.

Instead of jumping right into your Minecraft structure, grab a piece of paper, and draw a few structures using your imagination, it will be purely your creation, and will give you an amazing idea to build in Minecraft.

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