Learn New Minecraft Skills

We have created the "Learn New Minecraft Skills" page to assist with other general knowledge for our students.

Learn to Build more

You must have heard that the practice makes man perfect, well that is true. If you want to increase your building skills in Minecraft then you will have to spend more time in building structures, ideally every day. Do not stick to what you have already learned in the game, try to get out of your comfort zone, and build something out of your league.

Your first few creations in Minecraft will not be attractive, and will make you demotivated, but after spending some time in the game you will start learning new skills and building alluring structures. Try to build different types of structures.

Have patience

It is not possible to build a masterpiece in your first attempt. You will have to build a lot to learn the basics of the game. When you try to build a castle in a modern city in creative mode, it can take a lot of time, you can be demotivated, and give up your creation. The key factor is patience, you must have patience to build an amazing structure.  

Don’t be flat or square only

You must have seen flat and square buildings in Minecraft, it doesn’t look good. If you want to make an attractive and alluring structure then you have to create depth by placing stairs, fences and slabs. Create a base for your structure, and use a few stairs at the front, it will give a great texture to your building.

Try to use as many shapes as possible in your structure such as, circle, triangle, oval, hexagonal and many more. Avoid building square houses by making the corners round or by adding a tower at the top of the building. It will add more attraction in your structure.

Add more to the structure

Once you complete the basic structure of your building, you need to dress up your structure. You can do this by adding the useful items to make your structure more safe and attractive. You can add stairs in your structure to be able to move up and down easily without jumping. You can create stronger and beautiful doors to make your building more secure. You can decorate the walls of the building with lights. You can use glass to make windows for your structure. Also remember we have a dedicated resource in the Minecraft Building Knowledge section of our Classroom.

Avoid over-detail

Another problem with the new players is that they try to do too much and end up creating a mess by using too many pillars, stairs and slabs. Try to keep your structure as simple as possible, it will look elegant. Keep monitoring your structure from all sides while building it. The detail of the building adds more attraction in it, but you should not over do the detail.

Learn from the criticism

Always accept the constructive criticism from the experts in the game. No one is perfect in Minecraft, because the game gives you freedom to create anything virtually possible. Try to share your work on the social media networks, blogs and Minecraft forums, and ask people their views about your work.

You will have to realize that you don’t know everything about Minecraft. Positive criticism from other people will help you to improve your building skills. Other people can point out the major and minor mistakes in your work, and most of the time, they will also suggest ways to fix these mistakes.

Aesthetically decorate your structure 

Use the mixture of two to three colored blocks to build your structure. Colored concrete blocks are best for the outer walls. Use a lot of torches, flowers and grass around your building. Try to think out of the box and build something that Minecraft didn’t intend you to do. Always try to modify your building to make it more attractive. Verified by the Creative Commons Licence.