Minecraft Building Knowledge

Minecraft Building Knowlegde - Know the building materials

The essence of Minecraft is that we can build anything virtually with any material. There are different types of building materials available in Minecraft, which you can mine from different resources. Some materials like sand, dirt and wood are easy to find, but other more useful materials like cobblestone and sandstone are difficult to find, and need more effort to mine them.

  • Wood — wood is a very handy material to build different shapes and tools in Minecraft. You can easily mine the wood from any tree with the help of your hand or any tool. You can convert the wood blocks into wood planks, each wood block can be divided into four wood planks.
  • Sand, and gravel — sand and gravel blocks are also very famous materials in Minecraft. You can mine them from the ground with the help of hand or any tools. Sand and gravel blocks can be stacked on each other.
  • Cobblestone — cobblestone is another famous building material in Minecraft. You can mine cobblestone from the mountain or stone with the help of pick-axe.
  • Wool — Wool is the most popular material that can be used to create beds and other important stuff for your building. Wool can be collected by killing sheep.

 Select a Perfect location to build

The location of the building is very important. Minecraft gives you freedom to build anything anywhere you want, but an ideal building will require a perfect location. Different types of locations can have different pros and cons. If you decide to build on the side of a mountain then it will be safer from one side. If you build in the woods near a lake then it will give you more resources to gather. If you build on the top of a hill then it will be a more secure location for you.

Minecraft Developer Resources for Students

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Below are a few important and useful locations to create new buildings for you.

  • Side of an ocean or a lake
  • On top of a mountain
  • Center of a Valley
  • Underground
  • On an Island

 Don’t waste cheap blocks

There are few materials in the game that don’t require any physical tool to mine. You can easily collect these materials with your bare hands. These cheap blocks can help you build an amazing shelter, especially in the survival mode. You must have experience of how to use them properly.

  • Dirt
  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Wood

Select a Colorful texture

Don't restrict yourself to using a limited amount of colors, if you want to create an attractive structure you have to use amazing colors in your composition. How many colors you can use depends on how big your structure is. If you want to build a medium sized building, you can use four to five different colors, but if you are planning to create a big mansion then you can use more colors. 

You can use material of different colors, for example, to use black color you can use black color concrete, gilded Blackstone or obsidian. To enhance the color of a concrete block, you can place the block in water then mine it again. The color of the concrete block will become sharper.

Start from the most important side

I have seen a lot of players who wanted to build a great building but failed due to poor planning. When you want to build a masterpiece, you have to decide where to start. Always start with the most important side. It may seem like a good idea to start in the middle, but once you have completed your structure it will be difficult to change.

If you build exterior walls first, then it will limit your structure, and you will have to struggle to replace it. The best idea is to start at the front entrance.

Take inspiration from the real world

It is very helpful to have the inspiration from the real structure. If you want to build a skyscraper, you can consult some amazing real world building structures. When you start building houses and big structures, think about their physical appearance in the real world. In the creative mode, you can build anything you want such as, castle, mansion, a town and a modern city.

You will have to be realistic while building any structure. If you have decided to build a huge structure in the survival mode then you should realize that you will have to get all the material yourself. So you will have to do a lot of work, and if you decide to build a difficult structure, you will have to give up after a while.