About the Team

We are a group of 15 current Minecraft developers who are based in London.

Our aim is to education and guide future generations of Minecraft developers in the right way to learn.

Our mission is to be a FREE to use Minecraft Classroom.

Our team believe in Collaborating with others

Building alone in Minecraft is good to use your creativity, but you will need help from other experts of the game. Collaboration with the Minecraft community is necessary to learn new tips and tricks of the game. Study other people’s structures, and ask them questions about the tricks they use for building.

You can share your work in the form of images and videos on different social websites, blogs and discussion forums. You can also increase your knowledge by reading the stories and tips, shared by other players. You can also join a build team by submitting your attractive creations on any popular Minecraft forum.

Extra information About the game of Minecraft

Minecraft is a great game where you can create a whole new world of your own.  You can virtually build anything you ever dream about. If you want to learn advanced building skills then you will have to give a lot of time to the game. You will have to build every day, and you will get better with time. Always build with a proper plan in your mind, because when you will build without a plan then it will take more time, you will get confused, and eventually you will give up. Tips and tricks in this article will help you to get a positive start in the game. Dont forget to check out our Minecraft Study Tips resource too.