The Minecraft Builder Classroom

Welcome to the free open classroom for future Minecraft Developers.

This resource has been created to assist future generations learn more about how to develop the popular game of Minecraft.

We have added a novice style guide that we hope appeals to an array of skillsets and ages.

The first thing to consider before you start to buld is which mode you would like to play, please see the details below for clarity:

Choose a game mode to build

The first thing you need to do is to decide which mode you want to play. There are two main modes to play. The first one is Survival mode and the other one is Creative mode. Both modes have their own pros and cons. 

  • Survival mode – Survival mode will take you to a random world where you have to live with limited health. To survive, you must start mining and accumulate natural resources, including wood, sand and stone, to build for your survival. Players have to maintain a health bar and hunger bar during the game. Another thing to keep in mind is that monsters attack at night, so players have to build a shelter to avoid these attacks.
  • Creative mode – This is a great mode for players who just want to build. In mode you will not see any monster attack. A player can concentrate on creating amazing structures and buildings without any hassle. You also have unlimited resources, including special craft items and blocks. You can also switch to different locations in this mode.
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Plan your structure

After choosing the game mode, you need to plan what you want to build. Before searching for the required resources, you need to have a rough idea of your structure. In Minecraft, you can virtually build anything you want, so always think of a great structure to build. You can do many things to plan your structure.

  • You can sketch out the rough idea of the structure you want to build.
  • Plan the surroundings of your building, such as, beach, Jungle and city.
  • Select the type of material you want to use.

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